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How do I move my bookmarks toolbar back below the address/navigation bar? I don't like it above it.
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The generic icon with a star is the regular bookmarks icon. Use the one that has just the plain shape and it should work wonderfully. Instantly got it back now cheers to you! I was having this problem after I had installed an add-on and was about to uninstall and reinstall to try to fix it. You saved my life!!

Fixing missing icons from bookmark toolbar: right click on bookmarks toolbar space with missing icons. Click on Customize at the bottom. Window will open with lcons not on any toolbar. The Bookmark toolbar should be listed. Use your mouse to move it to the bookmarks space with the missing icons Should work. Done it severval times. Customize is no longer an option on toolbar right click as of firefox rel. Non of these hack fixes work. I also had the problem of disappearing toolbar bookmarks, in Firefox 4. The problem seems to be with the Google Toolbar.

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When I do that, the otherwise hidden Menu Bar does not automatically disappear and I cannot customize further. The next time I open FF, the bookmarks toolbar is empty. If I turn off the Google Toolbar as well i. Turn it on again and the problem is back…. Restore bookmarks toolbar: 1a.

Right click empty area within a toolbars 1b. Customize… 1c. Restore default set 1d. Restart Firefox. Avoid future disappearance of the toolbar bookmarks: 2a. Restart Firefox 2c. Customize toolbars as you normally would. Thanks for posting another solution, it will hopefully help some users who are also experiencing disappearing toolbar bookmarks in Firefox. Thank you so much. Mine had disappeared after some update a few weeks ago.

Btw, did you know you can load so many more bookmarks onto the toolbar, just by cutting off their names that are written next to them, that way you triple the space up there. Since now the description is already highlighted inside the small pop-up window, simply hit the delete key and save! It looks soooo much better — and more organized that way.

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Plus you will have room for almost 50 bookmarks now!!! My yahoo toolbar is gone.. I have uninstalled, reinstalled yahoo toolbar so many times, not it. What do i do to get it back? Most appreciated. Many thanks. I see that the two ways of turning on and off the tool bar are 1 to turn on the bar itself and 2 to put the book marks on it.

I accidentally dragged the latter off the bar. I have both my bookmarks toolbar and the Stumble Upon toolbar on my browser but they just decided to flip places. After fighting it for a little bit I finally got them in the right places. As soon as I closed the Customize window the bookmarks toolbar disappeared.

The check mark was clicked and it showed it in the customize window but still no bookmark toolbar. Sorry, I went to hit enter for a new paragraph and it submitted my comment, must have clicked off the box somehow. Anyway, I found out that my problem originated from an error with my sync. I recently set up a desktop to sync with FF on my laptop. The desktop has FF13 and my laptop is still running FF Updating FF on my laptop solved the problem. What causes this?

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It happen to me after upgrading from firefox release 53 to 57 Linux. I went back to release 53 but now cannot fix it, as it has reserfaced in my original release 53? No clue. Still, if it is a bug there is little that one can do about it until Mozilla fixes it.

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Select done and re-check the Bookmarks Toolbar. If you don't see the Bookmarks Toolbar under Customize, click on Toolbars and check the Bookmarks Toolbar there to add it to the interface. Old instructions pre-Firefox 57 To check this you have to right-click the top toolbar and select customize from the list. Just drag and drop the Bookmarks item to the toolbar in customize mode to enable it again. Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar is not showing bookmarks. Martin Brinkmann. Comments Dan said on September 9, at pm.

Nikki said on September 12, at am. Thanks for the tip!

How to Remove Bookmarks Toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

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Bookmark in the toolbar has gone missing | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

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