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HP MediaSmart Server Software Update
  1. HP MediaSmart Server LX195
  2. HP MediaSmart Server - HP MediaSmart Server Software Update
  3. HP Announces release of Online Backup and Mac Backup Add-ins for EX/EX — consvalmifirstrac.tk
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  5. Troubleshooting a Mac Connection to the Server

You enter a password during the installation. If you created a User Account on the server, create a matching User Account on the Mac if it does not already exist. The Mac user account should have the same user name and password as the server user account. Complete the information on the Accounts dialog. The Finder can also remember your server logon settings so subsequent connections are effortless.

HP MediaSmart Server LX195

Figure : Finder Window. The server may not be connected to the network,. If you are not automatically connected to the server, click Connect As Precisely how you connect to the server depends on what kind of server account you are using: Guest, User Account, or Administrator. Guest account with no password — You are automatically connected to the server when you click the server name in the Finder. Guest account with a password — In the dialog that opens, select Registered User , type the server's Guest account Password , and click Connect.

You do not need to change the Name. Check Remember this password in my keychain to remember your settings and automatically connect to the server in the future. Figure : Connect As Administrator account — Alternately, you can connect to the server using the server's administrator account. The server's password was created the first time you installed the server software on a PC. The folders that display depend on the Shared Folder Access settings for the guest account or user account that you used to connect to the server.

Click the User Accounts tab and double-click the guest account or user account. Select the Shared Folder Access tab to change settings. Click OK to accept the changes. If you connected to the server using the Administrator account, you will see all of the server's shared folders.

HP MediaSmart Server - HP MediaSmart Server Software Update

SMB is the native sharing protocol for Microsoft Windows operating systems. For example, type the following server address to connect to the music shared folder:. Figure : Connect to Server. If you renamed your server during the first software installation, remember to use that server name instead of hpserverex.

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A shared folder name is required. Additionally, you cannot connect to a shared folder name that contains a hyphen. If that happens, connect to the server using its IP address instead of the server name. If you are unsure of your server's IP address, you can log on to your router to see a list of IP addresses for all network connected devices. To log on to your router, open an Internet browser window, type the router's IP address in the address bar and press Enter.

HP Announces release of Online Backup and Mac Backup Add-ins for EX/EX — consvalmifirstrac.tk

The router's IP address will be one of the following,. Select Built-in Ethernet on the left menu. The router IP address is on the right side of the Network dialog. Figure : Network dialog. Type cmd and click OK. In the DOS window, type ipconfig and press Enter. Use the Default Gateway IP address to log on to your router.

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Once logged in to the router, look for a list of connected devices. Each router is different. See your router's documentation if you do not find the server's IP address right away.

get link Log on to the server using either a guest account, user account, or administrator account. Pinging the Server To troubleshoot a connection failure, you can ping the server.

HP EX495 MediaSmart Server

Select a location. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Select a language. Confirm Back. Search all support.

Search help. Loading Results. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Please try again shortly. Need help troubleshooting? Just ask. The MediaSmart server is still built on top of the Windows Home Server platform, but makes use of a couple of additional software to enhance functionality. First, HP tapped Twonky Media to handle their remote streaming backend. As such, you can access all your audio files and photos from any web browser with a broadband connection.

Troubleshooting a Mac Connection to the Server

You can either enter your home IP address or set up a free custom HP domain that will quickly forward you to your server. From there, a media player UI appears and your entire library is at hand. The only downside is that, when not streaming over LAN, it transcodes your MP3s at a kbps bitrate, apparently to minimize choppiness in streaming bleck.

HP MediaSmart Server - Share and Share Alike

Also new is that you can connect to Amazon's S3 cloud, and gain another layer of data protection. Not only is there a Mac version of the software, but they also got Time Machine working with the device, which can do scheduled backups over the air. However, being that it is Windows Home Server, you still need a PC to set up the server, and cannot carry out any admin functions from a Mac. That aside, much of the same functionality from the last version of MediaSmart Server is still there, such as UPnP streaming of video, photos and music, photo albums that can be published directly to the web, downloadable add-ons like a bittorrent client , and storage in a RAID-esque, "balanced" configuration.