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The proliferation of mobile and wireless technology has enabled innovations that allow users to unlock their personal computer by using compatible features on their smartphones. Apple fans can now use their iPhone to unlock their Mac through Touch ID, proximity, or another gesture. By setting up one of these new authentication tools, Apple users can save time logging in while keeping their devices secure. Once you have the app downloaded on both your Mac and iPhone, you use the Touch ID to scan your fingerprint and it will unlock your Mac.

It also gives users the ability to set Touch ID as the authorization for specific tasks such as trashing protected files. If your iOS device moves away from your Mac, the Mac will automatically lock and inform you that it has done so.

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Users can also use MacID to set new unlock settings for the Mac itself by setting up a specific tap pattern on your touch pad that will also unlock your computer. Additionally, you can control your computer's audio and share clipboard content between your Mac and iOS device using MacID. If you are looking for an unlock app that won't run down your battery, check out Knock.

The one-and-only remote for your computer.

Once properly installed, Knock gives users the ability to "knock" on their phone, just like you'd knock on a door, to unlock their Mac. The app also uses Bluetooth LE technology and can be used if your phone is still in your pocket. For Apple Watch wearers, Knock authenticates once with Touch ID, but then allows you to unlock your Mac by simply tapping on the watch face. It's definitely one of the more seamless options on the market. The app works with iPhone 4S and later, running iOS 7.

Per-app EQ

Knock version 2. If you often find yourself accidentally locking your screen, set it to 5 seconds so that you can quickly unlock the display without having to enter your password. Locking or sleeping the display will shut the display off but keep the Mac running in the background. If you performed the steps above to require a password, users will need to enter the correct account password in order to unlock the display.

It can run on any modern Mac and could serve many purposes.

5 apps for unlocking your Mac with your iPhone - TechRepublic

Not much setup required at all, other than purchasing from App Store, downloading and turning on the services you want. As an added bonus, it has a Caching service that will cache all Apple updates Mac and iOS without having every device update from Apple's servers with absolutely no client configuration needed.

Have AD group policy like control of just your mac devices. MCX is officially "deprecated," and while it still works, soon enough perhaps as of Some restrictions now have to be set to "often" or "once" rather than "always" or some other variation, depending on the restriction in question.

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Best going forward to use mcxToProfile with a password-protected profile as in, password required to remove and install that on your client Macs. Something has soured the deal, I have to think someone was worried about support from the vendor. Do any of the major Virty guys support Mac hardware and OS? Or a bare metal and a bare bones virtual system? It is running OS X So, I guess my point is, for an Open Directory Master only handing out configs, most any apple hardware that can run El Capitan can handle the server.

While not appropriate for many environments, lots of people run esxi on minis, which IIRC are not officially supported. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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