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The Effects panel will rebuild its database, which will take a few minutes or sometimes longer. Decide which action you want to run. For the Resize for Web action, choose the correct aspect ratio for your file—square, vertical, or horizontal—and the pixel size you prefer, , , or pixels. Double click on the thumbnail of the action you want to run. The action will flatten your image and change the longest side of your document to the pixel dimmension you chose.

It will then open the Save for Web dialog box. That's because a gallery image must be compressed further to reduce the file size enough for most galleries. Check ICC Profile if you want to include the color space information. These settings make the file size plenty small enough for an online gallery. Once you save for web, the Save for Web dialog box should default to these settings the next time it opens. To continue on, click OK.

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You'll be taken to a computer navigational window where you have the option to change the name. I usually add "-web" to the end of the file name. It's good practice for a web image to have no spaces in the file name.

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Navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save your image and click Save to complete the process. When uploading your scrapbook page to an online gallery, you'll need to navigate to this location to choose your saved-for-web file. It may be helpful to have one folder that contains all your gallery-sized images so you always know where to find them. Saving the gallery-sized image doesn't save the original image. If you purchased Photoshop Elements in another country, it may have a different name here.

Delete the MediaDatabase. Reboot your computer. Reopen Photoshop Elements. It will rebuild the deleted files, only this time it will most likely take hours. Of course, Adobe products are quite expensive and not every average worker can afford to buy Photoshop.

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This is the main reason why people switch to pirated program versions. Adobe does its best to eliminate such cases and even moved its software to the Cloud to completely solve the pirate issue. Experienced hackers managed to find a way to bypass Adobe protection and run new software versions without paying for a license, with some functional limitations. But they were unable to open access to the full-fledged work in the Creative Cloud. But still, why is it better not to download a pirated version?

There are several reasons why pirated programs are worse than licensed ones:. A greedy free Photoshop Elements user may come across computer viruses, other malicious programs or spyware. The recovery of your PC may be identical to the cost of the licensed program. Also, not all pirated programs are free, so beware of purchasing apps in unreliable stores. For economy and safety, there is an opportunity to legally download old Photoshop versions absolutely free of charge.

Adobe is one of a few companies that harass private users, who illegally install one of their products to their computers. Many are misled that only large companies and office workers are checked, but ordinary people aren't affected. It is far from the case.

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  • There are many ways to check whether you use a licensed program, especially if photo editing is your job. It is 15 times more than the cost of the licensed program version. It will take you a couple of minutes to install the licensed version and the installation of the pirated version takes much longer to crack.

    Photoshop elements 8 download

    Besides, there are some risks. Photoshop Elements is much cheaper than everyone's favorite Photoshop full version.

    Creative Cloud users have a chance to get updates: patches and new functions, which you won't get in the pirated version in one click. Are you sure you want to use older, less functional versions? Photoshop Adobe Creative Cloud unique features and other functional peculiarities make Adobe popular. Photoshop Elements remains a great tool for retouchers around the world due to its simplicity and multitasking.

    But each program has analogs that can provide the majority of free Photoshop Elements functions. It is a free program to create images and retouch photos. It greatly resembles free Photoshop Elements actions because of the performance and easy adaptation. Also, it features a guide with detailed instructions for aspiring retouchers.

    The unique feature of this program is the possibility to expand through plug-ins and scripts, and use animation tools like in Photoshop. GIMP stands out among many other free programs for its functionality. Despite its simplicity, it allows you to utilize advanced filters, color correction, layers, masks, and other features.

    Elements: Where can I download older versions of Elements?

    All these functions are very easy to adjust and they work well enough. It has a very simple interface and is excellent Photoshop free alternative. Because of its simplicity, you will figure out all its functions without any instructions. But it is meant for the usual photo editing, not for creative experiments. Thanks to the quick access tabs, the program supports editing of numerous photos or images simultaneously.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 for Windows & Mac OS for sale online | eBay

    This program doesn't require the latest Windows versions and powerful PCs. There are no restrictions on the size and quality of images. Pixlr is Photoshop Elements free alternative that supports all the main functions of a basic editor. Photoshop users will immediately notice the similarity of the program interface.

    Pixlr Editor is a web application, the one and only that supports masks and layers, unlike other program versions. Pixlr editor has some similarities with GIMP — it has a set of tools that you may customize with the ribbon on top of the working space. The program has a simple and user-friendly interface with powerful features. One of them is the possibility to process numerous images in different tabs. The application is available for iOS and Android, it may be used as a web application, which reduces installation time.

    Pinta is the versatile software that is very similar to Paint.

    How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

    Net and free Photoshop Elements in its image editing capabilities and the toolbar location. Pinta program is free and comes with an open source code, which doesn't limit its functionality.